Char with Charcoal

An online charcoal drawing course with artist Nichola Martin

As an artist I have always worked with charcoal.  Whether using it for quick sketches or more dramatic finished drawings I have always found charcoal an extremely relaxing and therapeutic medium to use.  I began seriously using charcoal in my final year at university with my whole Degree Show consisting of large scale charcoal drawings.  The main reason I chose this medium is because of its versatility.  It was extremely quick to work with and, unlike oil painting which requires time to dry, allowed me much more studio time.


Have you always wanted to learn to draw?


This 'Char with Charcoal' course is a fun introduction to drawing with charcoal.  Together, through daily video tutorials along with step by step diagrams, we will explore the use and effect of charcoal through observational drawing learning about composition, measuring, tonal values, tricks of the trade and much much more.  All students have access to an online 'private support forum'  where you are encouraged to submit your work and I will be available to offer encouragement and advice to help you with your drawings.  All you need to do is make the time, even ten minutes a day, to sit down with your charcoal (and a mug of char) and practice.  The beauty of this 'Char with Charcoal' course is the availability and convenience for YOU to do in a time that suits YOUR lifestyle.  You don't need any experience as I will be there with you taking you through the course along with step by step diagrams and numerous tips to help you along the way.  It is never too late to learn how to draw and with this course you can learn how to draw in the comfort of your own home.  With these drawing tutorials, brings out the artist in everyone!



This convenient course is designed for YOU to do in a time which YOU choose

YOU will learn about drawing, tonal values and shading with these tutorials

YOU will learn about different materials with these tutorials

YOU will receive over 4 hours of one to one online video tuition which will be available to YOU 24/7

YOU will receive easy to follow step by step diagrams available for you 24/7

Online tutorials will be available for YOU 24/7

Advice will be available for YOU in an online private forum every Wednesday



For the month of January 'Char with Charcoal' is reduced in price from £150 to just £99!  

Come and join me in my studio and start creating your very own charcoal masterpieces!

Course cost : £99